Psalm 51
Devotional Curriculum
     The concept for this curriculum package revolves around the meaning behind Psalm 51. In this particular passage of scripture, the author, King David describes his repentant heart for sining with Bathsheba. 
My goal was to build a image that would convey the transformation of a sinful heart into a repentant heart. I also wanted to include powerful visual imagery described in scripture into the design. 
     With this as my stated intention, I searched the passage for any visual metaphors used by the psalmist in order to direct my artwork. There were several. He mentions the aspect of God as "judge," which prompted the scales in the art work, as well as "his broken bones cry out," which prompted the bones in the artwork. The ultimate heart transformation is communicated by the color gradient. From the bottom progressing upward to the top of the design, there is an overall tonality difference. I use the purples and blacks to describe and depict despair along with downcast frustration. Then slowly as they change moving upward across the piece they become much more lighthearted with the yellows and oranges.

     Overall I would like a viewer to see this piece as a layered interpretation of a particular scripture passage.
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