Pour Jons - Coffee and Tea
Branding Design
Pour Jons is a small town coffee house that was started by a 18yr old, highschool graduate named Jon. He had a very humble budget and spent his energy building the furniture for his place from reclaimed dumpster wood. Then he needed a brand. 

The Pour Jons brand, is built around the belief that Pour Jon is a person. He is a young college grad, who is well read, likes traveling in Europe in search of good coffee and conversation, and has next to no money. With this in mind, we cultivated the image for the decor and the print campaign that reflected his "style." If we had art on the walls it would be the stuff "he liked."  If we played music in the shop, it would be what was on "his ipod."  This gave both the shop and the brand, a feel. It made it a cohesive personality that people could get to know. 

This concept pushes back on the idea of not wanting to offend anyone. The shop and the brand doesn't try to be "all things to all people." It wouldn't have succeeded that way. Instead, we cultivated a brand that was super specific and authentic to one age group and one kind of customer, those like "Jon." Then everyone showed up. Its not your grandmother's coffee shop, but she is welcome to visit. 

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